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Academic Policies 
Academic Policies

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Academic success is important and necessary for students to receive federal Title IV financial aid.  At the end of each semester (fall, spring and summer), a student’s academic record will be reviewed to verify satisfactory academic progress has been made toward earning a degree.  Satisfactory academic progress requires a student to meet a grade point average requirement, course completion (pace) requirement, and maximum time frame requirement for degree completion.  The policy applies to all students-continuing, transfer, and re-entry.  All three requirements of the policy must be met to achieve satisfactory academic progress as indicated below:

*Minimum Grade Point Average

Students must maintain at least the following minimum cumulative grade point (GPA) averages:

Undergraduate Students:  The minimum GPA requirement is based on the number of attempted hours.

Hours Attempted                             1 - 29              30 - 59                       60 and above 

Minimum Cumulative GPA              1.50                1.75                                    2.00        

Graduate Students:  All Graduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00


*Pace or Successful Completion of Course Work Attempted

To be considered as progressing successfully, students must complete at least 67% of all attempted credit hours.  Successful completion of a course is defined as a passing grade.  Grades of W (withdrawn), F (failed), UF (unofficial withdrawal) or I (incomplete) are not considered successful completion.  Pace is calculated using the following formula:


Cumulative number of hours student successfully completed

Cumulative number of hours student attempted


*Maximum Time Frame

The following is the maximum number of hours a student may attempt in completion of his/her degree and remain eligible for federal Title IV financial aid:

Undergraduate Students – 180 hours

Graduate Students – 45 hours

All coursework attempted including periods when students do not receive federal Title IV aid will be considered in determining the maximum time frame students have to complete a degree and in the calculations of the cumulative grade point average and pace.

  • Transfer Hours:  All transfer work transcript by the UAPB Academic Records office will be counted in the determination of the cumulative grade point average, in the ratio to determine the successful completion of course work (pace), and in the determination of the maximum time frame.
  • Repeated Coursework:  If a student repeats a course, the highest grade earned will be used to calculate his/her grade point average.  All hours attempted including repeated course hours will be used to determine the student’s pace and maximum time frame.  Only one repeat per course with a passing grade will be eligible for financial aid.
  • Academic Clemency:  The Office of Student Financial Services must count all prior work attempted in determining eligibility for federal financial aid including hours forfeited through the Academic Clemency Policy. 
  • Grade Changes:  Once a grade change occurs, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the Office of Student Financial Services if they wish to have their eligibility for financial aid recalculated based on the grade change.


Financial Aid Warning

If a student fails to meet satisfactory academic progress standards, the student will be placed on financial aid warning status and be permitted to receive federal financial aid for one additional semester.  Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of all academic services available to improve their academic progress during this semester. If satisfactory progress standards are not met at the end of the warning semester, the student will NOT be eligible to receive federal financial aid for the next semester.


Financial Aid Termination

If a student fails to meet satisfactory academic progress standards after the warning semester, federal financial aid eligibility will be terminated.  Federal financial aid eligibility will also be terminated when a student fails to complete within the maximum time frame. Students will be responsible for all charges during semesters for which he/she registers for classes and does not receive federal financial aid.


Financial Aid Appeal

Students who have extenuating circumstances may appeal the termination of federal financial aid.  Examples of extenuating or mitigating circumstances include illness under a doctor’s care, illness or accidents requiring hospitalization or the prolonged illness of a dependent, death of an immediate family member, or other life altering events.  The appeal may not be based on the need for assistance or lack of knowledge of the academic requirements.  The appeal must be submitted in writing and include why the student failed to meet the standards with an explanation of what has changed that will now allow the standards to be met.  Supporting documentation of the extenuating circumstance is required.

The deadline for submitting an appeal is no later than the fifth (5th) day of class of the semester for which the appeal is requested. The decision of the Financial Aid Appeals Committee is final; there is no further avenue of appeal.  An appeal can be:

  • Denied:  Students who are denied will not be eligible to receive federal financial aid.
  • Approved on Probation:   Students on probation are eligible to receive federal financial aid for one additional semester.  The student must meet the satisfactory academic progress standards at the end of the semester or financial aid eligibility will be terminated.
  • Approved on an Academic Plan:  Students on an academic plan are eligible to receive federal financial and are required to adhere to prescribed performance standards in order to continue eligibility while on the plan for a specified period of time. Students who do not successfully complete the academic plan will have federal financial aid terminated. Eligibility may be regained upon meeting requirements of the SAP policy.


Reinstatement of Financial Aid

After federal financial aid termination, students may be eligible for reinstatement of financial aid after the student enrolls in courses at his/her own expense and meets the terms of the satisfactory academic progress policy.



Students who fail to meet minimum satisfactory academic progress standards will be notified of their status through an email sent to their UAPB e-mail address.

Students who do not regain eligibility for financial aid through the appeal process will be notified of the decision and reason(s) for the decision in a letter sent to their UAPB e-mail address.