Mar 05, 2024  
Academic Policies 
Academic Policies

Attendance Statement

These statements apply to each student enrolled at UAPB.

  1. Attendance is the responsibility of the student. Students are expected to regularly attend all classes in which they are enrolled.
  2. Instructors will provide each student with the attendance requirements in writing, either in the course syllabus or in a separate handout, and verbally explain them to students the first day of class.
  3. The student is responsible for informing instructors in advance when an absence will occur. If this is not possible, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor as soon as possible.
  4. For school-sanctioned events such as field trips, band, choir, athletics and similar events, the coordinator of the event should send a letter to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs seeking approval for the respective students to be absent from classes for the event. The letter should identify the type of event for which excused absences are being requested and include a listing of all student participants. Following approval, the list and the letter of request with the Vice-Chancellor’s approval should be presented by all student participants to their respective instructors. The Coordinator of the event will submit a copy of the approved letter and the list of student participants to the Dean of Students’ Office where it will be kept on record.
  5. The Dean of Students will notify instructors when a student is absent three days or longer due to an illness or other issue. This courtesy memo does not alter the instructor’s attendance policies, excuse the student from statement #3 above, nor does it constitute an excused absence. Rather, it is documentation of the absence.
  6. Class participation may be used, at the instructor’s discretion, as a factor in determining a student’s final grade for the course.

Census Period

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education defines an enrollment verification census period. This period begins on the first day of class and extends for five class periods during the summer sessions and eleven class periods during the fall and spring semesters. Students who do not attend class at least one time during the first 11 days of the fall and spring semesters, or the first 5 days of a summer session, will be administratively dropped from the course for non-attendance and may not be allowed reenrollment.