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Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University College

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Janice Coleman, Dean

Administrative Specialist

Mrs. Valerie Merritt

University College was instituted at the University on July 1, 1982. Its purpose is to mobilize the educational resources of the University as a whole to more effectively deliver the common body of education needed by all students regardless of their future educational, vocational, or professional goals. University College is comprised of the Departments of Basic Academic Services and Academic Skills and Developmental Services, the TRIO Student Support Services Program, and the General Studies Bachelor’s Degree Program.

A primary goal of University College is to assist all incoming students in making a smooth transition to the collegiate environment and to provide the necessary academic support programs and services to facilitate their achievement, persistence, and success. The following support programs are accessible to all incoming students: New student orientation; academic advising and registration; follow-up advising; first year seminars; reading instruction and laboratory reinforcement for students with special needs in reading; tutorial assistance in reading, mathematics, and English; opportunities to participate in learning clusters/communities and opportunities for leadership development through student organizations.

The University College student is required to complete the state minimum core curriculum that is designed to provide an opportunity for each student to acquire an understanding of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and to develop communication and quantitative skills as required for success in college. More especially, the core curriculum is designed to provide the basis for successful studies in upper division programs.

Enrollment in University College

All first-time entering freshmen officially admitted to the University as degree-seeking students are automatically enrolled in University College. Transfer students who have not completed the equivalent of UAPB’s general education requirements are automatically enrolled in University College.

Students remain in University College until they formally exit.

Exit from University College

To exit University College (UC), a student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Completion of all general education requirements, which consist of the State Minimum Core Curriculum and the Institutional Requirements. Institutional requirements include Personal and Social Development (BAS 1210 ); Career and Life Planning (BAS 1120 ); HPER activity courses (one course, from HLPE 1110 -1125 ); Health and Safety HLPE 1310 ) or Nutrition (HUSC 1311 ); and Literature 2300, 2360, or 2361;
  2. Completion of ETS Proficiency Profile or University College Exit Exam. Students must complete the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (ETS Proficiency Profile), also known as “The Rising Junior Examination,” or the University College Exit Examination;
  3. Completion of the English Proficiency requirement. A passing score on the English Proficiency Examination is a requirement for exiting University College. For students admitted to the University during Fall 2000 and thereafter, this requirement is satisfied by completing English Composition I (ENGL 1311 ) at UAPB with a grade of “C” or higher. Students completing English Composition I on other campuses are required to take and pass the English Proficiency Examination. Education majors may satisfy this requirement by a passing score on the PRAXIS Writing Exam; and
  4. Process Exit Form. Students should report to the Office of University College and complete a request to exit University College. The Office verifies that all requirements are satisfied. (Students who have completed in excess of 70 credit hours must obtain written verification from their departmental chairperson/advisor that they have completed all general education requirements.) An “Exit Form” is then processed. A copy of the form is provided for the student and his/her departmental chairperson, and the student’s name is recorded in a database that is maintained by the Office of the Dean of University College.



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