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Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2020 
Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Career Services “One-Stop-Career-Center”

Shirley Cherry, Director

Tracy Knowlton

Assistant Director for Cooperative Education/Internships

Yulanda Riley

Education Counselor

Oscar Fuller

Project Specialist/Career Coach

Maurice Carlton

Project Specialist/Job Developer

Shirley Hampton

Administrative Specialist /Systems Manager

Carman Jackson

Administrative Specialist

Career Services

The Office of Career Services is a centralized one-stop student service program whose purpose is to provide paid off-campus employment opportunities for students and recent alumni of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. These opportunities include summer internships, Cooperative Education and permanent placements. We also provide career coaching for the job search process, resume writing, interviewing techniques and dress for success.

The office is located in Caldwell Hall, Suite 202. Students are required to register with the Office of Career Services to be referred for employment, participate in on-campus interviews and any special events hosted by Career Services. The only exceptions are participation in career fairs and Career Development Workshops. Students are encouraged to register in their freshman year. Students that register with career services and utilize its services receive job offer rates 15 percentage points higher than students who chose to enter the job market without career assistance.

Registration Process

The registration process requires three easy steps:

  1. Submit an electronic resume` through Career Connection Resume Builder.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the coordinator of your major.
  3. Complete the Student Credential Form and bring it to your appointment.

Career Connections

Career Connections is a powerful on-line connection between UAPB students, alumni and employers for job opportunities which include summer internships, Cooperative Education and permanent positions. Career Connections is powered by Simplicity.

What you can do in Career Connections:

  1. Upload your resume.
  2. View and apply for summer internships, Cooperative Education and permanent positions.
  3. Stay abreast of career opportunities and events sponsored by Career Services.
  4. Follow Career Services on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Sign-up to attend Employer Information Sessions.
  6. Schedule an appointment with the coordinator of your major.

Practical Work Experience

Summer Internship

An internship is a paid work experience that is directly related to either the academic major or career goals. Students must work 10-12 weeks to qualify for an internship experience.

Academic Credit

Academic credit is optional. If elected, students may use work experience to satisfy up to six hours of academic credit for electives one time only. The academic advisor will determine the number of credit hours. Students must register the first summer session to receive academic credit even though the work experience may extend beyond the session.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a carefully organized and supervised paid work experience designed to provide pre-professional employment directly related to the student’s academic major. There are two types of plans: Alternating and Parallel. Both plans require students to register for six hours of academic credit.

The Office of Career Services will serve as the clearinghouse for all Cooperative Education and non-departmental assignments. The Office of Career Services will work with a faculty liaison from each department to ensure that the best learning experience occurs in the work environment.

Two Types of Cooperative Education Plans

The Alternating Plan

This plan allows the student to alternate periods of full-time study and full-time (40 hours per week) work. The student spends one semester in full-time employment, returns to campus the next semester to study. Students are placed outside of the local area in other states.

The Parallel Plan

This plan is suitable for the student who desires to work on a part-time basis. The student’s work assignment is usually limited to employers within a 50 mile radius. This plan allows the student to participate in full-time study and part-time (20 hours per week) work during the semester.

Academic Credit

The Alternating and Parallel plans offer up to six hours of academic credit to satisfy electives. Students must register for academic credit under both plans. The number of credit hours for electives is determined by the academic advisor. Students can only receive up to 6 hours to satisfy electives one time.


  1. Any student enrolled at UAPB as a full or part-time student in a curriculum leading to a baccalaureate degree.
  2. Any student with 30 semester credit hours completed and a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  3. Non-graduating seniors may be eligible for placement if an agreement is reached between employer, student and Co-coordinator.
  4. Any student who transfers to UAPB from another institution must wait at least one semester before being eligible for consideration.
  5. Departmental and employer requirements may vary.

Services Available

Career Coaching

Each student will be assigned a personal Career Coach to assist with the development of a four year plan for success, resume preparation, the job search and interview processes.

Career Development Workshops

Workshops are held in Caldwell Hall-Room 204, residential halls and classrooms. Workshops are open to all students.

Customized Resume Builder

Provides online access through Career Connections to create and submit an electronic resume.

Job Postings

Students and alumni have access to jobs from the nation’s number one extended job search tool. Over 4,000,000 jobs are listed for summer internships, Cooperative Education and permanent positions.

On-Campus Interviews/Assessment

Registered students may sign-up in the Office of Career Services to interview with the company/organization in their major or career goals. Students will receive immediate feedback to help improve interviewing skills. Employers also offer on-campus information sessions that are open to all students.

Recruitment Events

Career Services offers two career fairs each calendar year. The Fall Career Day/Teacher Education Fair is held in October. The Spring Career Day/Teacher Education Fair is held in March. Students are not required to be registered with career services to attend these events.

Social Media Connections

Job notifications and announcements from Career Services are posted on Facebook and Twitter.

TypeFocus Career Assessment

TypeFocus is an online assessment tool that helps you connect your personality, interests, and values with possible career opportunities.

Leadership Events

These events are designed to help students develop and improve the following soft skills: leadership, networking, interpersonal and verbal and written communication.

On-Campus Event

The Youth Motivation Task Force (YMTF) program is sponsored annually through the Office of Career Services. Approximately 40 professionals from business, industries and government agencies conduct classroom presentations, career development workshops, networking sessions and panel discussions on how to successfully make the transition from college to the real world of work.

Off-Campus Events

Students are selected by employers to participate in the following leadership conferences throughout the United States. Most travel expenses are paid by the sponsoring organization. Students have the opportunity to interview for summer internships, Cooperative Education and permanent positions.

  • Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute
  • Thurgood Marshall Teacher Quality Retention Program
  • Monsanto 1890 Student Leadership Event
  • International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE) Leadership Conference
  • InSight St. Louis