May 20, 2022  
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022

Department of Chemistry and Physics

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Grant W. Wangila, Chair


Miah Muhammad Adel
Abul Kazi
Mansour Mortazavi
Richard Walker
Grant Wangila

Associate Professors

Aslam H. Chowdhury

Assistant Professor

Zeeshan Habeeb
Qinglong Jiang
Aboozar Mosleh
Daoyuan Wang


LaFayette DeRamus
Frank Hahn
Monzur Morshed


Janee Adams

Lab Instructor

Shaheen Khan

Research Associate

Manoj Shah

Administrative Specialist

Kimberly Ross

The mission of the Department of Chemistry and Physics is to provide basic knowledge of chemical and physical principles, quality science education and training, and enriched learning experiences in the disciplines of chemistry, biochemistry, forensic chemistry and physics.

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Physics with options in chemistry, biochemistry, forensic chemistry, or physics. These options are designed to prepare graduates to work as professional chemists, biochemists, forensic chemists, physicists, or to pursue advanced degrees in graduate or professional schools. An enhanced curriculum is available to students preparing for graduate school in the biomedical sciences The Bachelor of Science Degree in Science Education is offered for persons preparing to teach at the secondary level.  Furthermore, many other career options are available to those obtaining degrees in chemistry, biochemistry forensic chemistry, or physics. Prospective majors should prepare their course of study in consultation with an academic advisor.


The goals of the curriculumare to provide:

  1. Proper courses and material contents required to obtain degrees with options in chemistry, biochemistry, forensic chemistry and physics;
  2. Necessary courses and material contents in chemistry, biochemistry, forensic chemistry and physics required for those seeking admission to graduate or professional schools;
  3. Appropriate background in chemistry for those students preparing to become secondary chemistry teachers;
  4. Service to other departments that require courses in the physical sciences as an integral part of their curricula;
  5. General scientific knowledge for non-science majors; and
  6. Continuing educational opportunities for teachers and other professionals requiring advanced courses in the physical sciences.

General Departmental Requirements

Students select specific courses for their chosen major in consultation with their academic advisor.

  • All majors in Chemistry and Physics must earn a grade of “C” or better in all required chemistry and physics courses as well as in all required courses in mathematics or computer science.
  • All majors in Chemistry and Physics are required to fulfill all institutional course requirements. Requirements listed in this section supplement, but do not supplant the institutional requirements.
  • All majors in Chemistry and Physics must take a comprehensive examination in their field of study during the last semester of their senior year. The comprehensive exam is part of the senior seminar course.
  • Students who must repeat a chemistry, physics, biochemistry or forensic chemistry course more than once; or who repeat more than one such course may face the possibility of being dropped from the program.

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