May 20, 2022  
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022

Department of English, Humanities, and Foreign Languages

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Paul Lorenz, Interim Chair


Paul Lorenz
Douglas Robillard

Assistant Professors

Kevin Sanders


Janet Anokye
Janice Brantley
Derrick Cohens
Sheena Meadows
Edwina Mosby
Michael Nash
Kelli O’Brien
J. Christopher O’Brien
Mary Parker
Sonia Shahjahan

Administrative Specialist

Betty Kentle

The Department of English, Humanities, and Foreign Languages offers curricula leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature/Liberal Arts and in English Education. The B.A. degree in English Literature/Liberal Arts is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in English or professional careers such as the law or the ministry while the B.A. degree in English Education is designed for students who wish to become secondary school teachers.


General Department Requirements

  1. Majors must present a grade of “C” or better on all required courses for the major.
  2. Majors must meet all of the institutional requirements of the university in order to graduate.
  3. Requirements listed in this section supplement, but do not supplant, institutional requirements.
  4. Majors must take a comprehensive examination during the last semester of their senior year.

English Program Goals:

  1. To provide students with basic training in the effective use of oral and written English
  2. To acquaint students with major literary works of English and American authors and major European works in translation
  3. To offer students courses to enhance their appreciation of the aesthetic pleasure consonant with good literature
  4. To provide a program for those students desiring to teach in the secondary schools
  5. To provide a background for those intending to pursue graduate study in English
  6. To service other departments that have courses in English as an integral part of their curricula

Modern Foreign Languages

Assistant Professor

Anthony Hobbs


John Peterson


  1. To provide the student with adequate tools for the development of reading skills in languages other than English, especially French and Spanish
  2. To lay a foundation for the progressive development of oral and aural skills in these languages
  3. To develop a knowledge of and an appreciation for the cultures of other nations through an appreciation of the interplay between language and culture

Humanities and Philosophy


Mary Margaret Lynch
Perveen Shahjahan

The general aim of the program in humanities and philosophy is to develop in students important insights into the fundamental problems of human life. The courses introduce students to the study of the most significant philosophical ideas and systems of the world, with particular emphasis upon the cultivation of the spirit of reflective and critical thinking as an essential part of both a philosophical outlook and a liberal education.


  1. To acquaint students with major philosophical systems and endeavors through historical and intellectual perspectives
  2. To enable students to develop an enduring philosophy of life based on higher values and ideas

Theatre (New students will not be admitted until further notice.) 


To involve students in the presentation of quality theatrical productions for the university community

Viralene J. Coleman Computerized Writing Center

Janice Brantley
Interim Director

Alexis Victorian
Program Project Specialist

The Viralene J. Coleman Computerized Writing Center offers students individualized help with writing. Peer tutors are available to meet with students to discuss their writing. Tutors deal with matters ranging from: grammar, spelling, diction, and punctuation; to broader concerns, such as focus, development, organization, style, and documentation. The center also serves as a facility for students to use computers and print school-related material.



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